• January security patch android-12.0.0_r26
• Added support for mixed time & sun modes
• Added AOD QS tile
• Added option to enable AOD on charging only
• Added pulse ambient light
• Added double tab to trigger doze
• Added navigation bar tile
• Added volume track skip soong
• Added skip track action
• Added preveous track action
• Added more QS footer icon visibilities
• Added support for DisplayPort Audio
• Added optional screenshot
• Added Skip/Previous Song Function for navbar action
• Added overlay for vendor code for udfps
• Added toogle disable qs date in qs header
• Added data switch tile
• Added reset battery stats
• Added CPU info tile
• Added haptic feedback to tile & duration
• Added support for allowing/disallowing apps on cellular, vpn and wifi networks
• Added support oem fast charger detection
• Allow scheduling always on display
• Allow hiding notification headers
• Allow toggling combined signal icons
• Allow to wake the screen instead of pulsing
• Allow hiding navbar
• Allow toggling location privacy indicator
• Added changelog
• Bring back icon pack
• Bring back icon shapes
• Don’t crash when not using media player
• Fixed fingerprint authentication vibration toogle
• Fixed system bootloop when no IME found
• Fixed panel theme layout
• Implement torch doubletab/longpres screen off from AOSP Krypton
• Implement network traffic from AOSP Krypton
• Improvement three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
• Improvement GameSpace
• Improvement brigtness slider icon & color
• Link date in QS statusbar with clock
• Remove restrictions for system audio record

Supriyadi, older spelling Soeprijadi (born 13 April 1923 – disappeared 14 February 1945, declared dead 9 August 1975), was an Indonesian national hero who rebelled against the occupying Japanese in 1945.

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