Behind the project

NusantaraProject (NusantaraROM) is a provider of alternative android operating systems that have been modified with additional features and security patch updates.The meaning of "Nusantara" was taken from one of general terms in Indonesia which means united as one from Sabang City on Sumatera island to Merauke City on Papua island.

The project, led by Fikry (GitHub @Genkzsz11) and the enthusiastic Android community, resulted in a form of expression in the form of a dedicated Android operating system that eliminates junk bloatware, is free and privacy-respecting.

Nusantara Android Development (NAD) is the codename of our project. The operating system service is named NusantaraROM.
You can use assets for commercial purposes without listing attributes. But if you include it, we really appreciate it.

We do not allow assets to be used for things that are detrimental to the NusantaraProject.
Google Drive
Personalize your phone with wallpapers from the Official or handmade from the community.
See screenshots of each android version if it's needed before installing.

Note: Screenshot updates are not always up to date.

Get to know the core team

Lead Dev
Joko N
UI Dev
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Project Manager
Rafi R
Lead Dev
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