Nusantara Project is an Android OS provider with many customization and lightweight features. The name “Nusantara” itself is taken from one of the initials in the country of Indonesia.


The project was started in 2020 by one of the specialist developers in this field, he is Genkzsz11. With the problems with the previous team, he decided to leave and try to change the structural total of his new team by inviting developers from Indonesia who had previously been competent in this field.


Initially only a few developers joined, but in time went by finally many Indonesian developers and some developers outside Indonesia tried to register to join the Nusantara Project team.

Nusantara Project

The Teams

Meet with the behind the scenes team from Nusantara Project


Founder - Lead Dev


Project Manager

Andra R

Build Bot

Harun AR

Lead DEV

Rafi R

Lead DEV

Joko N







Frequently Asked Questions

Nusantara Project is one of the customization providers on the android operating system that has many features and has supported more than 40 devices available.

Basically, AOSP-based ROMs are secure. But that security is at risk for Advanced Users when enabling root-access on the device.

Make sure your device is unlock bloatloader (UBL). And we recommend joining the telegram community according to your device type.

Vanilla is a version that is not installed google play services, and such. So it is necessary to install the Google Play Services provider separately. While GApps is a version that has been installed Google Play Services, and can be directly used.

There are many ways to support our project. You can donate to a team, maintainer or you can click on one of the ads that came out (of course turning off Adblock first).

Yes, we guarantee 100% free. Leave if there is a person who commercializes.

Sorry if the device is not yet available. We will update your list of devices immediately if they support them.

You can report in our telegram group by providing a problematic log link. Please be patient to receive feedback.

LTS stands for Long Terms Support which means that support in this version is fairly longer than other versions. LTS is currently only available for the more stable Android 10.

We cannot make a claim without tested data. But some users say this ROM has a better performance for playing games. The access-root module is also influential.

It could be, by discussing in our community group on telegram. But we cannot guarantee that every request you will be read and approved.

Yes of course, because it is also a form of support for this project. But we’ll check first. You can contact us via email.


Help us by disabling Adblock in the browser. For information, this website serves several advertisements to help with the cost of maintaining the website, server, and other costs. Or you can help by making the donations that have been provided.