4 Apr 21

2.8 Ronggolawe

Android 10
Android 11
  • April ASB Merged
  • April security patch android-11.0.0_r34
  • Fixed smart charging looping
  • Fixed IME arrows not showing
  • Added livedisplay
  • Added pocket feature
  • Added toast icon
  • Added ambient pulse layout
  • Added ambient pulse blend color
  • Added ambient pulse random color
  • Added option for disable long screenshot
  • Added option for long screenshot in tile
  • Added display cutout aka notch city
  • Added new faceunlock from PE
  • Added OOS clear all button
  • Added QQS/QS bottom brightness position
  • Added RGB accent V3
  • Added Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
  • Added case to quick pull down status bar anywhere
  • Added ambient music ticker position
  • Added Wifi indicator
  • Fix qsheader accent with rgb
  • Improvement some permission
  • Improvement themes code
  • Improvment ambient music ticker
  • Improvment ambient light pulse
  • Remove accent list
  • Revert volume miui outline (Switch back to aospa volume)
  • Set default of NAV_BAR_HANDLE_SHOW_OVER_LOCKSCREEN to false
  • Other fixes and improvements


Ranggalawe or Rangga Lawe (born: ? - died: 1295) was one of Raden Wijaya's followers who was instrumental in the struggle to establish majapahit kingdom, but died as the first rebel in the history of this kingdom. His big name is remembered as a hero by the people of Tuban until now.


Android 10
Android 11
Android 12