15 May 21

2.9 Reog

Android 10
Android 11
  • May ASB Merged
  • May security patch android-11.0.0_r36
  • Added glassy panel background style
  • Added ShapeShift lockscreen clock
  • Added Android Twelve QS Tint Style
  • Added support for global cleartext penalties
  • Added Wi-Fi timeout feature
  • Added Bluetooth timeout feature
  • Added cutout force full screen
  • Added vibration patterns from OOS
  • Added custom vibration pattern
  • Added In-call vibration haptics options
  • Added option to instantly lock app on closing
  • Added Custom Rounded Corner and Padding preferences
  • Added background scrim color
  • Added Haptic Feedback to tiles
  • Added Sync tile
  • Added VPN tile
  • Added lockscreen shortcut customization
  • Added Double tap to trigger doze
  • Added separate config for pulse brightness
  • Added custom config to force custom doze brightness
  • Added scheduling always on display
  • Added Ambient Display battery toggle
  • Allow to wake the screen instead of pulsing
  • Hide clear-all button when QSPanel is expanded
  • Fix bt icon not showing instanly
  • Improvment brightness icon
  • Improvment Refresh rate stuff
  • Improvment dialog power menu
  • Improvment network traffic indicator
  • Improvment screen recording
  • Other fixes and improvements


Reog or Réyog (Javanese: ꦫꦺꦪꦺꦴꦒ꧀) is a traditional Indonesian dance in an open arena that serves as folk entertainment, contains magical elements, the main dancer is a lion-headed person with a peacock feather decoration, plus several masked dancers and Kuda Lumping. Reog is one of the performing arts from the northwestern region of East Java and Ponorogo is the region where Reog originated. The city gate of Ponorogo is decorated with warok and gemblak, two characters who were present at the time when Reog is performed. Reog is one of Indonesian culture that is still very strong with mystical elements and mysticism.


Android 10
Android 11
Android 12