26 Jul 21

3.1 Reservoir

Android 10
Android 11
  •  July merged
  • Switch back old RGB accent impl
  • July security patch android•11.0.0_r39
  • Added proximity check on wake
  • Added custom Statusbar Signal & Wi-Fi icons
  • Added new switch style
  • Added theme settings dashboard icons
  • Added Android S & Fluid clock
  • Added Miui, SSOS, P404 volume style
  • Added wheater from omni
  • Added OOS Footer style
  • Added Toggle data usage view on QS footer
  • Added statusbar lyric
  • Added custom clock in QS Panel
  • Added font services
  • Added machine learning back gesture provider
  • Added support for oem fast charger detection
  • Fixed running service button not visible
  • Fixed some toogle needed systemui restart
  • Fixed animation when ringer and notification are unlinked
  • Fixed GamingModeTile long press
  • Improvment some iconpack
  • Improvment screen record dialog layout
  • Improvment notification header toogle
  • Improvment QuickSpace in launcher3
  • Switch to hastebin for copy log
  • Translation import


The Battle of Semarang (Indonesian: Pertempuran Semarang), in Indonesia also known as Pertempuran Lima Hari (Five Days' Battle) was a clash between Japanese forces of the Sixteenth Army and Indonesian forces consisting of People's Security Agency personnel and pemuda in October 1945 at the city of Semarang, Central Java. The battle is considered as the first major clash involving the Indonesian military.


Android 10
Android 11
Android 12