9 Dec 21

4.0-1 Surabaya

Android 12
  • December security patch android•12.0.0_r16
  • Added Game space from chaldea project
  • Added QS footer visibilities
  • Added a customization for QS footer text
  • Added Statusbar clock customization
  • Added Nusantara logo in statusbar
  • Added status bar NFC Icon
  • Added disable of screenshot shutter sound
  • Added doubletap/longpress power to toggle torch
  • Added double tab lockscreen & statusbar
  • Added power menu advanced reboot
  • Added hiding call strenght icons
  • Added volte icon
  • Added volume rocker wake
  • Added phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
  • Added toogle haptic feedback on back gesture
  • Added navigation mode settings aka back gesture height
  • Added customization edge back gesture action
  • Added QTI BT
  • Added fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Added vibration patterns customization
  • Added Incall vibration options
  • Added Flashlight blink on incoming calls
  • Allow using 4G icon instead of LTE
  • Allow to quickly open Running Services from QS panel
  • Improvments udfps
  • Improvments screen recording
  • And some improvments & fixed


The Battle of Surabaya was fought between regular infantry and militia of the Indonesian nationalist movement and British and British Indian troops as a part of the Indonesian National Revolution against the re-imposition of Dutch colonial rule. The peak of the battle was in November 1945. The battle was the largest single battle of the revolution and became a national symbol of Indonesian resistance.


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