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Before customizing your operating system, there are a few things to consider:

  1. User fully accepts any risk to his/her device
  2. Official warranty may be lost due to unlocking the bootloader (UBL)
  3. The device must be in an unlocked bootloader lock (UBL) state to access Boot Recovery
  4. Your device data will be completely erased if you successfully unlock the bootloader (UBL), so be sure to back up important data.
  5. Users are prohibited from spamming by sending messages to the NusantaraProject team.
  • Installation

    Each device has a different installation guide. It is recommended to join the telegram group according to the device type.

    However, in general there are a few steps:

    1. Make sure the device has successfully unlocked the bootloader (UBL)
    2. Enter Fastboot mode to flash Recovery.img file via ADB on laptop terminal
    3. Flash the downloaded NusantaraROM file in Boot Recovery.
  • Optional

    When downloading the Vanilla (Non-GApps) variant file, make sure to also download the custom GApps file that matches the android version on the device.

    If you want to unlock further customization limitations, please flashing the file can unlock root access.


  • Is NusantaraProject safe to use?

    Yes, like any other custom operating system. Because it basically uses the same source, which is from Google's Android Open Source Project.

  • Is it suitable for Gaming?

    We cannot make such a claim, as each device has different specifications.

  • Explain the terms that exist in NusantaraProject

    NAD Nusantara Android Development

    Vanilla Versions that don't have Google services

    GApps Versions that already have Google services

    EOL (End of Life) A version tag that doesn't get updated, unless the maintainer wants it to.

    eLTS (extended Long Term Support) Version tags that get extra update time

    LTS (Long Term Support) Version tags that get regular updates

  • Why isn't the device available yet?

    There are only two possibilities.

    1. Device does not support unlocking the bootloader (UBL)
    2. Unavailability of maintainers who handle
  • How to report bugs/problems?

    Please report the issue in the community telegram group, customized in the sub-topic provided. Please attach screenshot, screen recorder, logcat.

Any support is appreciated.

  1. Choose the device you have
  2. Click on the maintainer profile
  3. Choose a support platform

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