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Android 13

Nov 12, 2022


Tangkuban Perahu is a stratovolcano 30 km north of the city of Bandung, the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. It erupted in 1826, 1829, 1842, 1846, 1896, 1910, 1926, 1929, 1952, 1957, 1961, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1983, 2013 and 2019. It is a popular tourist attraction where tourists hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs and boiling mud up close, and buy eggs cooked on the hot surface.


What's New

  • Merge security patch November android-13.0.0_r11 & android-13.0.0_r13
  • Added aperture camera from LOS
  • Added app lock support
  • Added more Logo Styles
  • Added phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
  • Added customization vibration patterns from OOS
  • Added option to cycle through ringer modes
  • Added hiding apps from launcher
  • Added toggle for GamesProp
  • Added hotspot toggle in QS internet dialog
  • Added toggle for smartspace for launcher3
  • Added OnePlus Sans 2.0, nothingdot, inter, fluid sans font
  • Allow changing app suggestion settings for launcher3
  • Allow dual tone QS background optional
  • Fixed toast background color not changing with theme
  • Fixed brightness mirror not showing up in qqs
  • Fixed double volume ringer in volume dialog
  • Implement Nusantara Blur Style v2
  • Implement Bluetooth dialog
  • Implement workspace unlock animation for launcher3
  • Redesign QS Panel
  • Redesign seekbar

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