Summary of Frequently Asked Questions that may be helpful to users.


Nusantara Project only provides file results (ROMs) that are uploaded via Pling or SourceForge. The use of custom ROMs is only applicable to advanced users or users who want to gain experience in the system modification room via custom ROMs.

Before using, some things to know if :

  • The user is fully at risk for his device
  • The existing official warranty will be lost due to unlocking the bootloader (UBL)
  • The device must successfully Unlock Bootloader (UBL) to access Recovery
  • Users are prohibited from spamming chat with Nusantara Project maintainers
  • The data on the device will be completely erased if you successfully unlock the bootloader, so make sure to back up important data.


Each device has a different Install Guide. Because the system used is not the same as the others, so we recommend joining a telegram group that matches the device used.

However, in general, there are some general things to know, such as:

  • Make sure the device has successfully Unlock Bootloader (UBL)
  • Flash/Install File Recovery such as TWRP, OrangeFox Recovery, etc. via the terminal on your computer/laptop
  • Download the NusantaraROM file according to your device
  • (Optional) If downloading a file based on Vanilla (Non-GApps), make sure you have downloaded the file alternative GApps such as OpenGApps, NikGApps, FlameGApps, BitGApps, etc. according to the downloaded android version
  • (Optional) If you want to open some customization restrictions or tweaks, it is recommended to flash/install the magisk file.


There are many support steps that can be given to us, including:

  • Donate directly to your device maintainer (recommended)
  • Donate via the Trakteer platform (for Indonesian users) or through the PayPal based Ko-Fi platform (for worldwide users)
  • Donate by becoming a sponsor, partner which will later be displayed on our website
  • Visit our website and click on the available ads (please report if you see an inappropriate/adult ads to our telegram group).


What is Nusantara Project?

Nusantara Project is a provider of alternative android operating systems that have been modified with additional features and security patch updates.

Is NusantaraROM safe to use?

Basically, ROMs sourced from the Android Open Source Project are safe. But security can be risky for advanced users if enabling root access and installing modules is not obvious.

What's the difference between the Vanilla and GApps versions?

Vanilla is an uninstalled version of Google Services. So need to install Google Play Services provider separately. While GApps is a version that has Google Play Services installed, and can be used immediately.

What is eLTS version?

eLTS meaning of extended Long Term Support, which means that there is an extension of the update support period on Android 10-based devices. This update support is not that significant, and may only be a minor update.

What is LTS version?

While LTS meaning of Long Term Support, which has the same meaning as eLTS but with a faster support period than eLTS. This update support only applies to devices based on android 11.

Is NusantaraROM only for gaming?

No. We make these works for everyone, just like our tagline, From Nusantara For Everyone. So the claims from some users are very good for performance, it's just the assessment of each user. Because there are no definite things that prove NusantaraROM is specifically for gaming.

Why is my device not available yet?

There are only two possibilities. First, your device does not support to open system sources via UBL. Second, we don't have a maintainer taking care of that device model yet.

Can I request features?

Maybe. Provided that the feature allows it to be implemented in future updates. However, we can't guarantee that it will be accepted. But it can be a suggestion if one day we want to implement.

How to report a bug?

You can report the bug to our Telegram group Nusantara Project Community or to the group of devices that support ROMs from Nusantara Project. Don't forget to provide information on the device used along with photo/video/logcat attachments when reporting.

How to register to be a maintainer?

You can register via our GitHub page.


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