3.0 Rotterdam
Android 10, 11
Jun 11, 2021

Fort Rotterdam is a 17th-century fort in Makassar on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a Dutch fort built on top of an existing fort of the Gowa Kingdom. The first fort on the site was constructed by a local sultan in around 1634, to counter Dutch encroachments. The site was ceded to the Dutch under the Treaty of Bongaya, and they completely rebuilt it between 1673 and 1679. It had six bastions and was surrounded by a seven-meter-high rampart and a two-meter-deep moat. The fort was the Dutch regional military and governmental headquarters until the 1930s. It was extensively restored in the 1970s and is now a cultural and educational centre, a venue for music and dance events, and a tourist destination.


Android 10

  • June ASB Merge

Android 11

  • June security patch android 11.0.0_r38
  • Added Sound tile
  • Added option to record for longer
  • Added LTE tile
  • Added Adaptive charging
  • Added runtime UI background blur
  • Added Status bar Ticker
  • Added back signature spoofing
  • Added hiding lock icon on lock screen
  • Added Flashlight blink on incoming calls customization
  • Added support set volume for app
  • Added toggle volume for app
  • Added OSS 11 volte icon
  • Added status bar NFC icon
  • Added notification Blur
  • Added lock screen Blur
  • Added live volume step
  • Added power menu background opacity
  • Added back aosp settings style layout
  • Added Lottie animation for settings
  • Added unlocking fingerprint only on power button press
  • Added NusantaraPapers on Theme Picker
  • Cleanup omni style header image
  • Explicitly make SBC Dual Channel an optional (HD) codec
  • Fix label tint for random color
  • Fixed google sans font
  • Improvement QS Detail layout
  • Improvement volume dialog code
  • Improvement of settings layout
  • Improvement of gaming mode
  • Improvement toast notification
  • Improvement of network traffic layout
  • Remove glassy themes
  • Remove device hostname