3.3 Rhun
Android 10, 11
Okt 8, 2021

Rhun is one of the smallest islands of the Banda Islands, which are a part of the Moluccas, Indonesia. It is located within Banda District (kecamatan) in Central Maluku Regency.


Android 10

  • October ASB

Android 11

  • October security patch android 11.0.0_r46
  • Added clipboard toast toggle
  • Added Nusantara themes
  • Added Nusantara volume
  • Added clear all icon opaque
  • Added Cloudflare DNS
  • Added AdGuard DNS
  • Added toggle disable battery light
  • Added wake on plug toggle
  • Added wake lock blocker
  • Added alarm blocker
  • Added increasing ring feature
  • Added Sensor block per package switch
  • Added automated Sleep Mode
  • Added option to disable performance control on gaming mode (depends on maintainer decision)
  • Added option to disable gaming mode overlay
  • Allow settings preferred refresh rate
  • Disable all caps for smart reply button text
  • Fix battery saver layout
  • Fix status bar padding and layout for system icons
  • Improvement of power menu options
  • Redesign packages installer based on dot 5.1 guidelines
  • Updated Clock and Calculator from Android 12
  • Beta 5 (for GApps variant)
  • Other fixes and improvements