5.2 Toba
Android 13
Nov 12, 2022

Lake Toba (Indonesian: Danau Toba) is a large natural lake in North Sumatra, Indonesia, occupying the caldera of a super volcano. The lake is located in the middle of the northern part of the island of Sumatra.

  • Merge security patch November android-13.0.0_r11 & android-13.0.0_r13
  • Added aperture camera from LOS
  • Added app lock support
  • Added more Logo Styles
  • Added phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
  • Added customization vibration patterns from OOS
  • Added option to cycle through ringer modes
  • Added hiding apps from launcher
  • Added toggle for GamesProp
  • Added hotspot toggle in QS internet dialog
  • Added toggle for smartspace for launcher3
  • Added OnePlus Sans 2.0, nothingdot, inter, fluid sans font
  • Allow changing app suggestion settings for launcher3
  • Allow dual tone QS background optional
  • Fixed toast background color not changing with theme
  • Fixed brightness mirror not showing up in qqs
  • Fixed double volume ringer in volume dialog
  • Implement Nusantara Blur Style v2
  • Implement Bluetooth dialog
  • Implement workspace unlock animation for launcher3
  • Redesign QS Panel
  • Redesign seekbar