5.4 Trisakti
Android 13
Jan 11, 2023

The Trisakti shootings, also known as the Trisakti tragedy (Indonesian: Tragedi Trisakti), took place at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia on 12 May 1998. At a demonstration demanding President Suharto's resignation, TNI-AD soldiers opened fire on unarmed protestors.

  • Merge security patch January android-13.0.0_r21
  • Added API for runtime taskbar config
  • Added support for parallel space
  • Added BatteryBar
  • Added cutout force full screen
  • Added Wi-Fi and signal icon styles
  • Added support for navbar styles
  • Added double tap/long press power to toggle torch
  • Added dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
  • Added status bar volume control
  • Added Hidden SSID preference
  • Added client manager softap
  • Allow Wi-Fi/cell tiles to co-exist with provider model
  • Allow a more granular control over shades
  • Allow choosing a custom background color seed
  • Fixes keyguard statusbar overlapping on QS when keyguard is bypassed by face unlock
  • Fixes status bar right clock
  • Fixes launch of permision revoke activity from playstore
  • Implement Nusantara Blur Style v3