• SELinux Permissive
• Compile with Eva GCC
• Shipped with Finix Kernel 4.9.281
• Flatten APEXs for Performance
• Improve scrolling
• Add memory optimization props
• Improve audio configs
• Add Dirac sound
• Enable 24bit sound by default
• Set LMKD configuration properties
• Clean flash is recommended.
• BiTGApps or FlameGApps is recommended.

• Update Redfin FP to December
• Shipped with Finix 4.9.292
• Compile with rzy clang 14
• Enable ThinLTO and Whole Program Devirtualization
• Disable antifalsing on dialer
• Disable wallpaper zooming
• Switch lmkd to use minfree levels for kill decisions
• Hardcode pathmaps for HALs
• Update GCam Go
• Optimize wifi
• Clean flash is recommended.
• NikGApps or BiTGApps recommended.
• SafetyNet pass by default.

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