2.6 Roemroijen
Android 10, 11
Feb 14, 2020

The Roem–Van Roijen Agreement was an agreement made between Indonesian republicans and the Netherlands on 7 May 1949. The name was derived between the two principal negotiators at the meeting: Mohammad Roem and Jan Herman van Roijen. The purpose of the meeting was to iron out outstanding issues prior to Indonesian independence which was to be granted at the Round Table Conference at The Hague later that same year.


Android 10

  • Rebrand to 1.1 LTS (Longterm Support)
  • Updated Nusantara Logo
  • February 2021 ASB Security Patch

Android 11

  • Updated to 2.6 RoemRoijen
  • Merged Feb 2021 ASB Security Patch
  • Added Kill button to notification guts
  • Added Quick settings pull down with one finger
  • Added toggle to Unlock keystore with fp after reboot
  • Added toggle to hide qs drag handle
  • Added Face unlock Animation from Descendant
  • Added Battery Health
  • Added Navigation mode settings
  • Added Ambient music ticker
  • Added Long Screenshots
  • Added Desk Clock
  • Enable Advance Power Menu
  • Fixed old mobile data indicator
  • Move imei information to Sim status
  • Smoother Upload and Download Animation
  • Revert Modded UI Settings for now
  • More Under the Hood Changes