2.7 Regentsweg
Android 10, 11
Mar 21, 2021

The term Bandung Sea of Fire became a famous term after the scorching event. General A.H Nasution was a TRI General who in a meeting in Regentsweg (now Jalan Dewi Sartika), after returning from his meeting with Sutan Sjahrir in Jakarta, decided on a strategy to be carried out against the city of Bandung after receiving the British ultimatum.


Android 10

  • March Security Patch Level
  • Added 404 IDE clock & Fluid clock

Android 11

  • Bumped to 2.7-Regentsweg
  • March Security Patch Level
  • Added Disable/Enable screenshot sound
  • Added Aggressive Battery
  • Added Option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon
  • Added CM Screen Security settings
  • Added automated DC Dimming
  • Added App lock
  • Added 404 IDE Clock & Fluid clock
  • Added notification counters
  • Added option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
  • Added lock screen quick unlock
  • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is on
  • Animate multiuser avatar
  • Make Quick Unlock compatible with long
  • PIN/Password
  • Fix QS drag handle hide option
  • Fix ambient notification light
  • Fix charging animation
  • Improvement QS panel tile customization
  • Update long ss from syberia
  • Redesign About Settings UI
  • Redesign home settings layout
  • Launcher3: Added app drawer opacity
  • Launcher3: Added Icon Pack Support from Shade Launcher
  • Launcher3: Added option to change icon size
  • Launcher3: Added uninstall to task shortcuts
  • Launcher3: Added AppInfo Bottom Sheet from Shade Launcher
  • Launcher3: Hide Drag Handle arr