2.9 Reog
Android 10, 11
May 15, 2021

Reog or Réyog (Javanese: ꦫꦺꦪꦺꦴꦒ꧀) is a traditional Indonesian dance in an open arena that serves as folk entertainment, contains magical elements, the main dancer is a lion-headed person with a peacock feather decoration, plus several masked dancers and Kuda Lumping. Reog is one of the performing arts from the northwestern region of East Java and Ponorogo is the region where Reog originated. The city gate of Ponorogo is decorated with warok and gemblak, two characters who were present at the time when Reog is performed. Reog is one of Indonesian culture that is still strong with mystical elements and mysticism.


Android 10

  • May ASB Merged

Android 11

  • Merged January to March 2022 Security Patch
  • Add Nusantara Q Logo
  • Add Notch Bar Killer overlay
  • Fix overlays resetting on every reboot
  • Add Dual status bar row
  • Change MIUI brightness slider to Brightness slider like A12
  • Add big dotted and big circle battery indicator
  • Add Use Selectable Network Traffic Fonts
  • Add Max Lock Screen Notification count
  • Add Force expand notifications
  • Add OOS Compact VoLTE & VoWifi icon
  • Add User toggle for unlimited photos storage
  • Add User toggle for GamesProp
  • Add User toggle for StreamProp
  • Add refresh rate setting
  • Add Icon Battery landscape Style A & B
  • And some improvments under the hood