4.2 Sabang
Android 12
Feb 12, 2022

Sabang is a city in Aceh province, Indonesia consisting of a main island (Weh Island) and several smaller islands off the northern tip of Sumatra. The administrative centre is located 17 km north of Banda Aceh. Sabang is also known as the northernmost and westernmost city of Indonesia; it is also the Indonesian city with the smallest population, by far, to be given the status of an administrative city.

  • Februari security patch android-12.0.0_r28
  • Added touch hidl support
  • Added black theme
  • Added cutout force full screen
  • Added color status bar icon
  • Added notification counter
  • Added smart space
  • Added fps info tile
  • Added caffeine tile
  • Added option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
  • Added quick unlock lockscreen
  • Added screen off animation
  • Added seekbar statusbar padding
  • Allow to limit the max framerate of built-in screen recorder
  • Allow toggling camera/mic privacy indicator
  • Added icon pack & icon shapes
  • Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
  • Apply monet to fingerprint authentication ripple animation
  • Fixed an issue when emptying the usap pool
  • Fixed black qqs on keyguard in light theme
  • Fixed glitchy charging info on lockscreen
  • Improvment network traffic
  • Improvment location privacy indicator toggle
  • Improvment battery landscape
  • Improvment UDFPS
  • Improvment settings firmware view
  • Move hiding call strength to status bar tuner
  • Properly adapt new switches in screenrec dialog
  • Redesign seekbar
  • Redesign reset battery stats
  • Stop logging spam with no caption service
  • Sync GApps from Lineage