5.3 Tarumanegara
Android 13
Dec 15, 2022

Tarumanagara or Taruma Kingdom or just Taruma is an early Sundanese Indianised kingdom, located in western Java, whose 5th-century ruler, Purnawarman, produced the earliest known inscriptions in Java, which are estimated to date from around 450 CE.

  • Merge security patch December android-13.0.0_r17
  • Added old style mobile data indicators
  • Added option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon
  • Added deep sleep info to uptime preference
  • Added support Blur Power Menu
  • Added QS Page Custom Transition Animations
  • Added face unlock
  • Added Parallel space
  • Added Homepage style
  • Allow using 4G icon instead LTE
  • Allow disabling QS on secure lock screen
  • Hide power menu on secure lock screen
  • Forward Port Volume Long Press Skip Tracks
  • QS tiles layout customizations
  • Implement New QS Clock