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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1X00TJulian SuryaAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Generic System ImageGSIWulan17Android 11Active
Mi 10T/10T ProApolloHarun ARAndroid 11Active
Mi 4CLibraAndroid 10Dropped
Mi 6SagitAndroid 11, Android 10Dropped
Mi 8DipperSenaAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Mi 8 LitePlatinaAlienAndroid 11Active
Mi 8 SESiriusDimas YudhaAndroid 11Active
Mi 9CepheusAndroid 11Dropped
Mi A1TissotBMWAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Mi A2Jasmine_sproutAndroid 10Dropped
Moto G7 PlusLakeBatmann4botAndroid 10Active
Oneplus 6EnchiladaZahidAndroid 11Active
Poco F1BerylliumThunderkeXAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Poco F2 ProLMIZenka BestiaAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Poco X3 NFCSuryaReza, Genkzsz11Android 11, Android 10Active
Poco X3 ProVayuAlanndz, Rafi R, Genkzsz11, AradheaAndroid 11Active
Realme 2 ProRMX1801Dody IrawanAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Realme 3 ProRMX1851HeinzdfAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Realme 5RMX1911Dody IrawanAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Realme 5 ProRMX1971Joko NarimoAndroid 11Active
Realme 5/i/sTrinketAndroid 11, Android 10Dropped
Realme 5iRMX2030Dody IrawanAndroid 11Active
Realme 6/6i/6s/NarzoRMX2001Official PutuAndroid 11Active
Realme XTRMX1921Android 10Dropped
Realme C3RMX2020FelixAndroid 11Active
Redmi 3S/XLandAoiharaAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 4ARolexRenzAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 4A/5ARovaRenzAndroid 11Active
Redmi 4XSantoniAndroid 11, Android 10Dropped
Redmi 5RosyRayAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5VinceFauzanAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 5ARivaAnggi Al AnshoriAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 6CereusWulan17Android 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 6/6ACertusWulan17Android 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 7OncliteHadadAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi 9/Pocophone M2LavaToxicLordAndroid 11Active
Redmi K20 ProRaphaelWadie HabibAndroid 11Active
Redmi Note 10MojitoAnggi Al AnshoriAndroid 11Active
Redmi Note 10 Pro/Pro MaxSweetBMWAndroid 11Active
Redmi Note 6TulipRafi RAndroid 11Active
Redmi Note 3 Pro/SEKenzoYukiAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 4/4XMidoIKAndroid 10, Android 11Active
Redmi Note 5WhyredYukiAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 5A Lite/PrimeUlysseHeinzdfAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 7LavenderRohmanuripAndroid 10, Android 11Active
Redmi Note 7 ProVioletAndroid 11, Android 10Dropped
Redmi Note 8 ProBegoniaNothing PeaceAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 8/TGinkgoAoiharaAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 8TWillowAndraAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 9MerlinNadinAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 9 ProJoyeuseAradheaAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Redmi Note 9/9S/9 Pro + Poco M2 ProMiatollEdgarsAndroid 11Active
Redmi S2YSLHatsAndroid 11, Android 10Active
Samsung S6 Edge PlusZenlteAndroid 10Dropped

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