• Fixed Battery LED Charging
  • Upstreamed kernel to v4.4.292
  • Added prebuilts GcamGo, RetroMusic, GalleryGo
  • Clean Flash recommended
  • Vanilla release, GApps not include (NikGapps Recommended)
  • CTS/SafetyNet passed without root
  • Switched from FDE to FBE so clean flash this build or follow this steps (https://telegra.ph/FBE-ROM-flashing-guide-Without-format-data-Without-FBE-encryption-08-17) if you want to dirty flash
  • Initial Release
  • Shipped with AvariceXC Kernel
  • SEPolicy is Enforced
  • Bug: Encryption not working
  • Bug: Nightlight not working
  • 4.4 Based kernel.
  • OldCam build.
  • Encryption is broken, so don’t try to encrypt.
  • It is safe to using sdcard.
  • For root, use Magisk 23.0.
  • If comes from encrypted state, you need to format first.
  • You can use any recovery as encryption is broken right now.
  • Wanna report some bugs ? Tag me on group with attaching logs.
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