• Optimize Dexopt flags
• Enable wide color display
• Added Touch Profiles
• Drop i/o & zram tuning
• Disable Partial FB exl rect
• Move some props to system_ext
• Cleanup rootdir files
• Change default GPU idle timeout to 60ms
• Set vendor.display.defer_fps_frame_count
• Update Adreno blobs from MANNAR (05700)
• Update blobs from miui_VAYUIDGlobal_V12.5.5.0.RJUIDXM
• Relax timers for automatic refresh rate switching
• Update Graphics blobs from LA.UM.9.1.r1-10900-SMxxx0.0
• Swith to user build so clean flash is recommended
• OSS Based
• Vanilla & GApps Build
• Clean flash is mandatory
• SafetyNet passes out of the box
• Recommended Firmware: Stock 12.0.x

• Added properties set debug.hwui.use_hint_manager to false
• Added notch bar killer overlay
• Bring a notch lower for min brightness
• Don’t report memcg functionality in cmdline
• Fixed minimum brightness
• Fixed USB Tethering
• Improvement XiaomiParts
• Improvment init configuration rc
• Indicate device has power button fingerprint sensor
• Kill IFAA, soter and mlipay service support
• Migrate using pixel power hal
• Remove debug.sf.frame_rate_multiple_threshold
• Revert Add renderengine threaded skia
• Sync durations props with redbull
• Sync audio configuration from caf
• Update ims libs from alioth-qssi-user-12-SKQ1.210908.001
• Update blobs from V12.5.7.0.RJUMIXM
• Use xiaomi-touch to handle dt2w
• Update adreno blobs from LA.UM.9.14.r1-18400.02-LAHAINA.QSSI12.0

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