• Upstream Extended EAS kernel to 4.4.281
• Performance and stability improvements
• OldCam build
• Turn off image stabilization on video recording settings if you can’t record video or facing camera error on video mode.

• Shipped with Extended EAS 4.4.292
• Reduce sound echo while in-call
• And some underhood optimization
• Old cam build.
• Use OrangeFox Recovery R11 by orges or latest Pitchblack/Twrp.
• Use only magisk 23.0 and upward if available, else you will get safetynet API error message.
• WFD might be difficult to connect with certain kernel.
• Click Github Button for read notes

• Initial Release
• Fixed secured Wifi Hotspot
• Switch to Sakil’s dt
• Switch to Graphene Camera
• Switch thermal config to t-engine
• Update thermal blobs from LA.UM.8.2.r1-06200-sdm660.0
• Switch vibration driver to qti haptics (same vibration feeling as 4.19)
• SEPolicy is enforced
• Encryption not working
• Old cam build.
• Encryption is broken, so don’t try to encrypt.
• It is safe to using sdcard.
• For root, use Magisk 23.0.
• If comes from encrypted state, you need to format first.
• You can use any recovery as encryption is broken right now.
• ROM comes with AIDL qti vibrator (LED based vibrator), so if you want to use custom kernel, then you’ll need to use kernel with qti haptics driver or you’ll not get any vibration.
• Ask the kernel developer if their kernel is support qti haptics driver if you want to use this rom with vibration.

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