• Updated redfin fp to december
• Updated kernel to 4.4.296
• SELinux Enforcing
• Updated thermal-engine configs
• Added reqiured GPU props
• Updated Graphics (OpenGL ES) and Vulkan drivers
• CTS passed by default
• Updated audio from CAF audio HAL
• Fixed Smart charging
• Added Moto Dolby
• Dropped unwanted graphics and display props
• Switched to QTI bt stack
• Added ZenParts
• Some System optimizations
• Fixed Heats while gaming
• Clean flash is recommended
• Minimal FW is 063
• Latest recovery is recommended
• NikGApps is recommended

• Initial build
• Alot device improvement
• SELinux permmisive for now
• Hide magisk manager to pass CTS
• Doesnt have inbuilt camera,gallery,etc for now
• If you find bug, please report to @julprojects with logs.

• Jan 2022 ASB build
• Added Overlays for improve UI smoothness
• SafetyNet passes by default
• Switched back to QCOM WFD
• Unlimited Google photos in original quality available
• Fixed WFD lags
• Cleanedup unused blobs
• Added ZenPartsV2
• Kernel upstream to 4.4.299
• Some misc improvements
• SELinux Enforcing
• Gapps already included
• Based on 4.4 kernel
• Recommended Firmware : 063,087 and higher
• Clean flash is necessary

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