19 Mar 22

4.3 Seinendan

Android 12
  • Added volume left toggle
  • Added back reset battery stats
  • Added wifi & bluetooth timeout
  • Added ambient music ticker
  • Added adaptive playback
  • Added battery light customization
  • Added notification light customization
  • Added support navbar style
  • Added face unlock
  • Added app lock
  • Added toggle unlimited photos storage
  • Added settings to force small clock
  • Added quick tap support
  • Allow to pulse on new tracks
  • Allow disable qs on secure lockscreen
  • Allow changing the length of gesture navbar
  • Allow customizing navbar radius
  • Enable USAP by default
  • Fixed swipe 3 screenshot bug
  • Long click settings from qs for open
  • NusantaraWings
  • Remove seekbar padding statusbar
  • Support per app volume
  • And some improvments & fixed


Seinendan (青年団) is a youth organization formed on March 9, 1943 by the Japanese army in Indonesia. The purpose of this seinendan organization is to educate and train young people so that they can defend their homeland with their own strength.


Android 10
Android 11
Android 12