12 Jul 22

4.7 Selarong

Android 12
  • Merge security patch july android12.1.0_r10
  • Added Cloudflare , AdGuard & Quad9 DNS as a private DNS provider
  • Added thumb for balance slider
  • Added WallpaperManager check to support WSA
  • Added support for Repainter integration service
  • Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on theme switch
  • Fix suspicious spaces around QS mobile icons
  • Fix menu popup ripple
  • Fix few issues with toggling privacy indicators
  • Fix crash with protected content with
  • ElectronBeam/Scale screenoff animation
  • Fix crash when applying default icon pack
  • Fix launcher crash during wallpaper change
  • Fix crash when placing widgets
  • Improvment screenshot stuff
  • Introduce font picker into ThemePicker
  • Redesign homesettings
  • Show notification row when it's unlinked to ringer volume
  • Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar by default
  • Update more jars to qpr3
  • Other fixes and improvements


Selarong Cave, also known as Diponegoro Cave, is a historic cave as well as a natural and religious tourist spot located in Pajangan District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region.


Android 10
Android 11
Android 12