4.4 Selat Muria
Android 12
Apr 7, 2022

Muria Strait is a strait that once existed and connected Java and Muria Island. This strait was once a bustling trading area, with trading cities such as Demak, Jepara, Pati, and Juwana. In around 1657, river deposits that emptied into this strait were carried to the sea so that the strait was getting shallower and disappeared, so that Muria Island merged with Java Island.

  • Merge security patch to android-12.1.0_r4
  • Added smartspace
  • Added volte icon
  • Added option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
  • Added quick unlock
  • Added and used mobile data, bluetooth & wifi open panel
  • Added brightness slider customization
  • Added some font
  • Added media artwork
  • Added nusantara clear themes
  • Added nusantara clock
  • Added custom gestural margin bottom
  • Added moar battery landscape style
  • Added toggle battery estimate
  • Added toggle shows battery percentage & estimate together
  • Added option to display data disabled indicator icon
  • Added less notification sounds
  • Added less boring headsup option
  • Added lockscreen charging info
  • Added headsup snooze function
  • Added headsup blacklist
  • Added headsup timeout option
  • Added charging animation toggle
  • Added °F/°C toggle
  • Added data activity indicator toogle
  • Allow disabling qs on secure lockscreen
  • Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
  • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is on
  • Fixed the unlock sound played repeatedly
  • Fixed nusantara logo size
  • Fixed navigation bar toggle
  • Fixed long press home
  • Forward port CM Screen Security settings
  • Improvment face unlock
  • Improvment art, bionic & arm-optimized-routines
  • Only use proximity sensor if supported
  • And some improvments & fixed