5.7 Tapanuli
Android 13
Apr 17, 2023

Tapanuli is a region that covers the west coast of North Sumatra to the shores of Lake Toba. Tapanuli comes from the phrase "tapian nauli" which means "beautiful bathing waters". Tapanuli is bordered by the plains of Southeast Aceh and the Bukit Barisan Mountains, separating it from the eastern coast of North Sumatra, commonly referred to as East Sumatra.

  • Added back support for parallel space
  • Added back API for runtime taskbar config
  • Added back unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
  • Added custom button light brigtness
  • Added hardware key disable support
  • Added Pulse and Ambient notification bars customization
  • Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
  • Allow to reduce 3 second screen record timer
  • Allow changing back gesture height
  • Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
  • Allow haptic feedback on back gesture
  • Added volume dialog timeout
  • Added fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Disable debug and tracing
  • Fixed hidden apps reset after reboot for AppLock
  • Fixed recording crash on GameSpace
  • Fixed glitchy charging info on lockscreen
  • Forward port Boost framework hook for UDFPS
  • Forward port QS fling animation boost to NotificationPanelViewController
  • Forward-port smartspace to Android 13
  • Kill logcat spam on devices without QPerformance for BoostFramework
  • Improvements OOS QSPanel Style
  • Implement hidden & protected apps for Launcher3
  • QS footer data usage improvements and cleanup